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Wacom Introduces Bamboo Dock and Mini Apps

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Wacom, the creators of some of the best drawing tablets and input devices introduced an AIR-based app called the Bamboo dock.  Along with the Dock comes “Mini’s” which are small apps that load from the Bamboo Dock and offer some new ways to interact with your Bamboo tablet.  There are quite a few apps already and Wacom says more will be added often.  You can download the apps from the website or directly from the Bamboo Dock.

I have been going through a few of them, and there are apps where you can draw your tweets, which will then be uploaded to Twitpic to share on Twitter.  Another allows you to draw your location on a world map, there are some game-type Mini’s, and various other apps including a vector drawing app called Livebrush.

Many of these apps are great for making the time go by, and you can have a bit of fun doing it as well.  The Bamboo Dock is a free download, so go ahead and give it a shot.

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