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Flux 2 Review

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Since I bought my first Mac several years ago, I have tried many solutions to web design and was never really satisfied with what I found. Some apps are completely template-driven, which is fine, but sometimes you need a bit more flexibility than that. I’m not an advanced coder, but I’m not lost when it comes to HTML and CSS coding, but designing a site in complete code is just not my personal thing.

Thus began a search for a happy-medium, and after several recommendations I decided to give Flux 2 a try. What immediately caught my eye was the WYSIWYG editor, the ability to code, and being able to do both in the same window. It’s a bit difficult to write out the review of an app like this, simply because there is so much to talk about. I have used Flux 2 for several weeks and I want to give my general impressions and experience so far.

One of the really nice things about Flux is it will work with just about any user level. I first started out by opening a few of the built-in templates and using that as an introduction to begin feeling my way around the app. First thing you will notice is the clean layout of the user interface. Placement of items in the toolbar and around the app feels natural and is easy to work with. If you are “new” to web design then I would recommend starting out with the templates, just as a guide. After you get to know Flux a bit then you can move on and start from scratch.


I also found myself actually learning more about CSS coding when I was creating a site in Flux. That was mainly due to the fact that the tags and Inspector are displayed so well that I was looking more closely about how the tags functioned. Again, experienced site designers might not benefit from this, but beginners will really appreciate how easy it is to work with CSS.

A preview and live preview feature lets you instantly check the progress of your design, and debug it if necessary. You can also choose to have the code and design view split so you can work with both at the same time – very handed for tracking down issues or to just see how your code comes out while typing it. When your site is completed, you can save it locally or publish it via FTP/SFTP.

Overall, Flux 2 is an amazing app. During my time with it I was able to create some exciting and creative websites that I otherwise would have had trouble doing in other apps. Whether you are just starting out, or are a site design pro, Flux 2 deserves a spot on your application shelf.

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