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Nero 10 Multimedia Suite Platinum HD Preview

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When it comes to CD/DVD burning and multimedia authoring, Nero has been in the game for quite some time.  My first experience with Nero was a CD included with a CD burner I purchased, and just about ever since then I have been using Nero and following its development.  I got an early preview of the upcoming Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Platinum HD which will be released sometime in October.  I wanted to share some early impressions of it.

The Platinum HD suite is built upon the current Multimedia Suite 10, but with a big focus obviously on the HD portion of it.


  • True Blu-ray playback with BD-Live and DTS surround sound support
  • Move it Plug-in to transfer media files to mobile devices
  • Creative effect collections for video projects
  • Background rendering for quick previews during editing

There are quite a few components to the Nero suite, and by using Nero StartSmart you have immediate access to common tasks like media burning, converting video, authoring content, etc.  You can also access each application individually via the StartSmart screen or through the Windows start menu.


Nero Burning ROM

If you need to burn any type of data to a disk, then Nero Burning ROM is probably something you are familiar with.  I don’t think there is any type of data that Nero can’t burn onto media.  Aside from just straight disk burning, it has options for more advanced writing like spanning across multiple disks, SecurDisc data protection, and more.


Vision Xtra

Nero Vision is another one of the applications that makes this a true multimedia suite.  This is a very powerful video editor and video producing application.  If you have videos that you need to combine into one DVD, complete with a DVD menu, then Nero Vision can do it.  If you need to edit and add effects to a movie you shot with your own camera, Nero Vision can do that as well.  It is a very versatile app that also include Blu-ray support!


These are just two of the main applications of this suite, but there are actually many more components that I didn’t get to talk about.

  • Nero CoverDesigner – Create custom CD/DVD covers for your disks
  • Nero MediaHub – Here you can find, view, and play your media files in a beautiful, slick interface.
  • Nero WaveEditor – Edit and enhance sound files to use in your videos or other uses.
  • Nero BackItUp – Like the name says, a powerful backup solution for your PC.

Having this many components in a suite might overwhelm some, but they are all conveniently accessed via StartSmart, and if you need to manage, edit, and produce media files, then I definitely recommend checking out Nero 10 Multimedia Suite Platinum HD.  It will be available October 15th, and you can pre-order both the full version and upgrade now.


  1. Nero is getting better, been using Nero for quite sometime and it works for me.

  2. If you have videos that you need to combine into one DVD, complete with a DVD menu, then Nero Vision can do it.

  3. are you people serous it has so many issue,did any body really test it,this is a total was of money right at this point
    it needs patchs witch nero dose not care about fixing a this time,right at this point there are houndreds of copy of this crap out there,and every one of them has the same issuses the main thing that this product is to do dose not work,and now that i have open the product witch i payed 129.00 dallors canadain plus tax i can’t return it good scram NERO thanks a lot for steal my money never buy any thing from NERO again

  4. We test every piece of software we review, and stand by our ratings. I experienced no type of technical issues when testing, and in fact, was the most stable version of Nero I have used to date.

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