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Review: Appshelf 2.1

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With both purchased software and software i review, I have a ton of software licenses and registrations to keep track of.  I have tried the super simple method of keeping a spreadsheet, but that way is a bit too simple and difficult to sort and find licenses quickly.  A while ago I received a license to Appshelf via a MacHeist promotion, and a new version was released not too long ago, so with a special discount offer I decided to grab this new version and give it a shot.

Appshelf’s one and only purpose is to manage your application serials and registrations on your Mac.  It does this with a familiar iTunes-like interface where you have various categories such as your default applications and others like sections for plugins, widgets, etc.  You can add your own categories to customize your setup, and although this is a Mac app you can add the information for pretty much any other platform you like, without the integration of other Appshelf features of course.


Applications can be added manually, and it can add existing applications on your Mac  with the addition of filling out some of the info in the text fields.  Another cool feature is that Appshelf can scan e-mails that are dragged into it to look for registration information can be added.  Speaking of information, that is what it is really all about.  Appshelf has all the text fields you need to make sure your app database is complete as possible.  Name, version number, where purchased, date purchased, registered e-mail, serial keys, comments, etc.  It’s all there so you can fill out as much or as little as you need.


If you have more than a few application registrations that you need to keep organized, Appshelf is the way to go.  At just under $10 this app is a bargain, and the convenience alone it provides is worth that small amount.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Appshelf (free trial, $9.90 full version)


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