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Review: FX Photo Studio

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When it comes to photo and camera apps for the iPhone, there is more than enough apps to do just about anything you want with an image.  The problem being many just don’t do a great job at it.  Today I look at FX Photo Studio from MacPhun, which is a filters and effects app for iOS.

FX Photo Studio has over 180 effects and filters that you can apply to your images.  They have done a great job at finding and using each effect through the use of categories, favorites and presets.  Each filter/effect has an example showing how the effect actually looks, and apply is as simple as a tap on the screen.  From there you can adjust the effect even further.


I loaded up a favorite image of a beach and just started applying random filters to see how they look.  I was actually amazed at the quality of the effects, they don’t look “cheap” like some I have experienced.  In the screenshot below I applied the black & white magazine filter and was just impressed on how the image came out.  As you can see you can adjust the contrast more or less to your liking.  FX Photo Studio also gives you the ability to create and share presets so you can expand the number of effects.


The effects and filters are a huge part of this app, but it also has some effective editing tools as well.  Basic functions like cropping, rotating, and more are all included which makes this a truly versatile photo app for iOS.


Once you are done with your photos, you can easily share them via social networks like Facebook and Twitter, or share to sites like Flickr and Tumblr.  Of course you can just save them to your own photo library or send to someone else via e-mail.


In the time I have spent with this app, I was not only impressed with the quality and ease of use, I actually had fun using this to create some really cool images from my photo library.  The effects and filters are high-quality, and just about anything can pick this up and use it immediately without the need of studying a photo book.  For just a few bucks this app is worth every bit, and I can say it will make a fine addition to your app library.

Rating: ★★★★★

FX Photo Studio ($1.99 at time of writing)

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