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Notepad++ 5.8.7 Update

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Notepad++, the open-source alternative to Notepad has an update today.  The free editor has many advantages or the built-it Notepad on Windows including Syntax highlighting, auto-complete, multi-view, and much more.

New in v5.8.7:

  • Fix a regression bug: the notification message boxes were not modal. It can be ignored by user then cause wrong input characters.
  • In order to reduce the confusion, new “Mark” tab for “Mark all” feature is made in Find/Replace dialog.
  • Make “Fide what” and “Replace with” fields larger in Find/Replace dialog.
  • Make message dialogs in Notepad++ translatable (in progress).
  • Change user manual format from chm to html.
  • Make minimalist installation available in installer.



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