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FormLoom 2 Released (RapidWeaver Plugin)

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I have talked about RapidWeaver for quite a while now, and you can read my review of RW5 here.  As I said there, plugins make RapidWeaver very extensible and can really expand the features and ease of use it offers.  A favorite plugin of mine is FormLoom from yabdab software, and just this week they released a new version. 

If you have a website one necessary item is a contact page or some type of form that readers can fill out to receive information, send a message, etc.  FormLoom lets you create forms that you can customize for just about any need.  Data from the forms can be submitted via e-mail or integrated into your database.  It is very easy to use, and creates some great looking forms for your site.


FormLoom 2 is available for $19.95, and current customers can upgrade for just $9.95.

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