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Amazon Launches Appstore for Android

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Although a legal challenge from Apple is looming, Amazon has launched their “Appstore” for Android.  Unlike Apple’s App Stores, Amazon’s will allow you to “test drive” applications on a simulated Android phone before committing to buy them.  To kick off the launch they are offering the new Angry Birds Rio for free, and they state that a paid app will be made available daily for free.

“Customers can shop in the Amazon Appstore from any computer using a Web browser. They can also access the Amazon Appstore directly on their Android phones or tablets, once they’ve installed the Amazon Appstore application. When customers purchase an Android app from the Amazon Appstore they can use the app on any of their Android devices.

The Amazon Appstore will include popular Amazon features like personalized recommendations, customer reviews, and 1-Click payment options. There will also be detailed product descriptions, including screenshots and video content that shows apps in action. In order to ensure customers have the best possible experience with the apps they purchase, all apps are Amazon-tested before they’re made available in the Amazon Appstore.”

Amazon Appstore


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