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Yahoo Discontinues the Yahoo! Entertainment iPad App

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When the iPad originally launched, Yahoo had released a very cool and useful app which was an interactive program guide where you could get local and cable TV listings, get news, and watch Yahoo created content.  I actually used it often to see what is coming up on TV, so I was disappointed to see that as of March 31st it will be discontinued. 

The app is no longer available in the App Store, and existing support will end soon. 


The only word I could find from Yahoo is this:

“Yahoo! strives to continually improve your mobile experience, and we continually evaluate the performance of our products so we can improve or refocus them to meet changing needs. As part of this process, Yahoo! will be discontinuing the Yahoo! Entertainment iPad app so we can focus on creating new and exciting experiences for the iPad and other tablets. Please stay tuned as we continue making the Yahoo! experience on tablets even more exciting and relevant!”

I guess it is the end of the line for this app, but maybe another app will eventually take its place.

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