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Alzex Software Launches Personal Finances Pro 4.4

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With everyones money becoming tighter and tighter people are always looking for ways to manage their finances.  Alzex Software has recently released an update to their Personal Finances software bringing it to version 4.4.

Personal Finances lets users take control of all aspects of their personal finances, starting from the analysis of the current income and spending to forecasting expenses at any future date. The software brings a winning combination of essential features and simplicity. The user can create and manage the unlimited number of accounts for credit cards, bank accounts, electronic money; track current and planned income and expenses; enter recurring transactions with a single click; sort transactions by categories, family members and tags to understand individual spending habits. The calendar view of transactions helps to gain a quick insight into daily expenses, while various reports and diagrams help the user see the flow of money from a general picture down to details.

New in this version:

A free and Pro version are available.  More information can be found at the Personal Finance website.

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