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Review: CalendarBar

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One of the things I like about the Mac App Store is it is easy to discover apps that you might otherwise had missed.  One such app I recently discovered was CalendarBar.  This little app shows your events from iCal, Google Calendar, and Facebook right on your menu bar.  No need to open up iCal or a browser window to see what’s going on today, or the rest of the week ahead.

On the menu bar itself, the CalendarBar icon will show you the number of items you have for today, and clicking the icon brings down an easy to read drop-down showing the rest of your schedule for the week.  Clicking an individual item will open them up in your default calendar.  It can also show you iCal tasks, and it also works with Growl to show reminders on the desktop.

Right now you can get CalendarBar for just $1.99 (on sale at time of writing).  There’s no reason at all not to get this app unless you absolutely don’t use calendars.  It’s simple, it looks good, and it works great to keep you informed of your schedule.

Rating: ★★★★★

CalendarBar - Clean Cut Code

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