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Apple Introduces iCloud, Extends Current MobileMe Accounts

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At WWDC this morning Apple introduced more details about OS X Lion, iOS 5, and iCloud.  We will talk about some of those more later, but I wanted to give a quick roundup of iCloud news of what we know so far.

  • MobileMe is being discontinued, and current subscribers seem to have had their subscriptions extended until June 2012.  We can only assume that will be the final end date for the official service.
  • iCloud will automatically backup your iOS device every day via wi-fi when your device (iPhone, iPad, etc.) is charging.  This will include music, apps, books, photos, etc.
  • MobileMe services like Mail, Calendar, and Contacts are re-written for iCloud and will work in presumably the same way.
  • iCloud API’s will be made available so developers can use iCloud as a syncing method.
  • iCloud will also upload your photos on your device and will sync them with your other devices, up to 1000 photos.  The photos will be stored on your PC’s, but iCloud will facilitate the syncing.
  • iTunes in the Cloud lets you download previously purchased music on iTunes to any of your device.  Apple also introduced iTunes Match which for a yearly fee of $25 lets your replace non-iTunes music with iTunes downloaded music.

The iCloud service will be free and users will be given 5GB of storage.  Additional storage will be able to be purchased at a later time.

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