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Review: FX Photo Studio for Mac

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Not long ago we reviewed MacPhun’s FX Photo Studio app for iOS, which we gave very high marks to.  We were excited to hear the news that this app was coming for the Mac and we have had a chance to review it.  FX Photo Studio for the Mac has the same essential functions of it’s iOS relative, and by no means is that a bad thing.  Obviously having the big screens and more power behind a Mac desktop will benefit many users, us included.

Photos can be added by drag and drop, and the interface of FX Studio is well laid out so all functions are clearly seen and can be accessed quickly.  Your imported image is displayed and the gallery of over 150 image effects.  The amount and quality of the effects are stunning.  Everything from “basic” effects like black & white to some funky cool ones like blue Alien Skin.  In the screenshot below I was working with the Abstract Contours, and as you can see you can adjust various levels of the effect if need be.  You can also combine effects and save them as presets for applying them quickly to other photos, and being there are so many effects you can favorite your favorite ones for quick access.

FX Photo Studio also has other editing features included such as cropping tools, and basic image adjustments.  When you are done with your images you can share them from FX Photo Studio to popular services like Twitter, Flickr, and more.  In a sea of photography apps FX Photo Studio has a clear goal to deliver high-quality results with effects and photo editing, and from my point of view they have vastly exceeded those goals.  Whether you are a casual or serious photographer, this is a definite tool to keep in your app arsenal.

Rating: ★★★★★

FX Photo Studio - MacPhun LLC

FX Photo Studio – $19.99

Pro version is $39.99


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