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Review: Trover for iPhone

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Trover is a new social networking app for the iPhone that is designed to let users share “places and things” with others.  You can take pictures and leave notes at locations for other users to discover.  Using your location data Trover will display nearby posts from users whether it is a favorite restaurant, attraction, or pretty much whatever anybody wants to post.

Upon first opening the app it really reminds me a lot of Instagram in appearance.  While Instgram focuses more on people you follow, Trover focuses more on locations and what’s going on around them.  The problem I had, at least locally is there just wasn’t a bunch of users in my area.  You can search and view other locations, but even in some of my test searches, posts from other users were random and really didn’t seem to share anything particularly interesting.

As nice as Trover looks and it does work as it is supposed to, I just didn’t find it compelling to use.  If you want to share images and notes about places you visit, there’s a lot of apps out there with many more users.  Trover is free, so give it a try and let us know your impressions.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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