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Review: Nemo Documents

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Nemo Documents is a new app in beta that brings a unique design for managing your files on a Windows PC.  Nemo uses a calendar-like view that works surprisingly well for seeing your documents and files in a more visual way.  Being used to looking and finding items via Windows Explorer, it took a few minutes to get used to this interface but overall I found it very intuitive.  Since it uses a calendar type view, you can view documents created or modified by their date.  You can view them by days, week, month, year, or a list view. 


Hovering over an item gives you a thumbnail preview which is perfect because I often forget what file is what.  Double-clicking the file opens that file in its associated application.  Nemo Documents also lets you add/remove the types of files it displays, along with the folder locations as well.  For even more organization you can assign labels to files.


Nemo Documents brings a fresh look to the mostly mundane task of managing files.  It’s fast, light on resources, and even supports Google Docs.  Although it is still technically in beta, it has been very stable for me and has earned a spot on my desktop.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Nemo Documents – Free download

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