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Review: Color Splash Studio

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Color Splash Studio is a new app in the MacPhun photo effect/editing lineup, and it’s another fine addition.  They have been creating some fantastic image apps for the Mac, and I think this one might be my favorite so far.  You have probably seen selective colors images before, it’s a fun and dramatic editing technique that produces images that pop with selective bits of color.  There’s several ways to achieve this look including the use of Photoshop, but most people aren’t going to spend that type of money just for this effect.

Color Splash Studio is just $1.99 (limited time), and sometimes I think they are insane for pricing so low for such a high-quality application.  As I have mentioned with previous MacPhun apps, they typically have a single focus and do that focus extremely well.  Color Splash Studio is no different as every aspect of the app is tailored to the task at hand.  Upon start up you are given the options to import and load your images, and you can choose images from your folders and it lists your libraries from Aperture or Lightroom.

The editing tools are laid out on the right side and give you plenty of options and sliders to give you exact control over the selective color editing.  As you can see in my sample image, I started with a grayscale layer and used the brush to “paint” the color back into areas of the photo.  You can fine tune the image as much as you like, but even this quick edit delivers remarkable results.

Once your editing is done you can export your image to a variety of formats, and Color Splash Studio also integrates with several popular social networks so you can share your images directly to them.  This is a great app for anyone who wants to do selective color editing on their photos, and for such a low price you just can’t go wrong.

Rating: ★★★★★

Color Splash Studio - MacPhun LLC


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