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Review: Stacks 2 (RapidWeaver Plug-in)

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One of the most popular reviews on TheAppNews last year was the review of RapidWeaver 5 from Realmac Software.  RapidWeaver is an app that lets you create and publish websites from a variety of templates with lots of customizations options.  One point I made during the review was how extensible it was with addition of plug-ins from 3rd party developers.  One of those I mentioned was Stacks, and with a recently released 2.0 version, it was time to give this a review. This is a pretty big update from previous versions and the interface itself received a complete overhaul.  A new library design now lets you search for a particular Stack which is very help for those who have built up a collection.

RapidWeaver has some great layout tools, but it’s still limited and that is where a plugin like Stacks comes in.  It gives you a wide variety of options to where you can simply drag and drop page elements to create just the site you imagined.  Insert columns, images, stacks of HTML, buttons, and quite a bit more!  It includes over 25 stacks, and there’s over 250 available for download from 3rd party developers.

I sat down with Stacks and just started to drag and create all types of layouts that came to mind.  Drop a column here, insert an image there, and so forth.  Naturally, Stacks works seamlessly with RapidWeaver themes, but I even used a blank theme and was able to create my own page with the theme layout like I really wanted.  That’s not really the ideal scenario as RapidWeaver is all about themes, but it shows that with RW and Stacks alone, you could create an entire website design beyond what RW offers out of the box.  This is one powerful add-on.

Whether you are new to RapidWeaver or a long-time user, if you had to choose one add-on then there is no question Stacks is the one you want.  RapidWeaver is an awesome application by itself, but with Stacks it takes it to another level that you will appreciate the very first time you use it.

Stacks 2 is available for $29.95, and previous users can upgrade for $14.95.  A free trial is also available.

Rating: ★★★★★




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