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Review: PhotoSweeper (Mac)

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If you have a hard drive full of pictures you probably know that they can easily take up a fair amount of space.  Aside from taking up space, having thousands and thousands (or more) of images can also make it more difficult to sort and organize your collections.  Even if you are good about sorting the time always seems to come when you have a mess that will need your attention.  Duplicates are usually the number one problem.  Whether they are copies that made their way into your collection, or just a bunch of similar photos, eventually you might just want to clear your Mac of these.

I have been using PhotoSweeper from Overmacs for the past few weeks.  PhotoSweeper is an application designed to find duplicate and similar images and help you take care of them properly.  Getting photos into PhotoSweeper can be done either by dragging them into the window, or by using the media browser where you can import photos from iPhoto or Aperture.  Once the images are in you can adjust the Compare Settings where you can set how in-depth you want the scan to be.  There’s several setting used to analyze the images, and you can set PhotoSweeper to analyze with a Histogram, metadata, bitmaps, or a combination of settings.

All the comparing methods seemed very accurate, but you might want to experiment with just a few photos at a time until you get comfortable with how it works.  In many of my tests I used the ‘Duplicate Only’ setting so I could find obvious duplicates that didn’t need to be on my Mac anymore.  Once the images are analyzed you can review the duplicates and choose whether to move them into the Box.  Of course there is an option to have PhotoSweeper do this automatically saving you even more time.  The Box is where the offending photos are placed and from there you decide what happens to them next.  You have the option to delete the images completely, or rename and copy/move them somewhere else.

This is a very handy app for people with decent sized photo libraries.  It makes finding duplicate and similar photos a breeze, and depending on the size of your collections, it could possibly help you free up lots of hard drive space.  PhotoSweeper was pretty easy to use, but I do recommend at least browsing through the quick start in the manual just to get a rundown of the basics.

At the time of this posting PhotoSweeper is just $4.99 on the Mac App Store, and a free trial is available via their website.

Rating: ★★★★☆

PhotoSweeper - SelenaSoft, Inc.


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