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Topaz Star Effects Released – Photography Plugin

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Photographers have a new plugin to add to their collection with the release of Topaz Star Effects.  As the name says, this app which is compatible with Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture, and more gives you the ability to create star and lighting effects in your images.

“Topaz Star Effect™s pairs powerful light source detection capabilities with an easy-to-use selective star brush, making it faster and easier for you to create effects. The advanced detection algorithm automatically seeks out the light sources in your image and then offers you the ability to quickly control how many of the detected sources are affected using the Threshold slider. The included selective brush offers more flexibility, allowing you to individually select more light sources to add or remove your effect from – in just a single click. Then using the sliders in the Main Adjustments, Color Adjustments and Additional Effects tabs, you can control the appearance and characteristics of your effects.”

A free trial is available and the full version is $29.99 for Mac or PC.

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