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Review: Best Secret Folder for iOS

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Mobile devices such as the iPhone are a big part of a persons social and business life.  Whether it’s pictures, documents, videos, etc. many of us keep endless amounts of personal data on our smartphones.  With all the advantages of having this data with us nearly all the time we sometimes forget how much of that information that could easily be viewed by someone else.

Best Secret Folder is an iPhone app that lets you place images, videos, and notes in a password protected area where prying eyes won’t have access to.  It places a dummy icon on your phone disguised as a utilities folder to make it less than obvious to what it really is.  For an added layer of security you can also add a dummy start screen where you have to touch a small icon to get access to the password protected screen.

Once you establish your four-digit code, you now have access to the secure folder area where only you have access to its contents.  For added security it has a security log where you see attempts made to access the app, and can even display an icon badge to let you know how many attempts were made.  The coolest feature is the Snoop Stopper feature where after a couple of unsuccessful login attempts, it will take you to a fake folder section where the user will think they are actually in your secure folder.

Best Secret Folder is currently a free app and can be downloaded from the App Store.

Rating: ★★★★☆



  1. I sent my phone away to be fixed and forgot the password to this app by the time I got it back can anyone tell me how to recover the password

  2. I have forgotten my password can anyone help me even retrieve the hint or maybe a roundabout way off getting in

  3. Tried the app. There’s no way to export files out of the app so they’re all stuck there. E-mail function also not working. @_@

  4. Oh nevermind my previous comment. Figured out how to export The app works great!

  5. I just got a new phone and tried to transfer data from it but I don’t remember my password -.- it’s not the 4 digit it’s the gesture. Is there anyway or bypass or recover it so I can change it ?

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