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Tumult Hype 1.5 for Mac Released

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Tumult Hype 1.5 update was released today.  Hype 1.5 is an app which lets you create HTML 5 web content with animations and interactive content.

This update includes:

  • Export as iBooks Author widget
  • Redesigned animation interface separating element and property keyframe editing
  • Element grouping
  • Scene zooming
  • Element locking and visibility toggles
  • Improved Lion support: versions, autosave, and scrolling
  • Rulers and guidelines
  • “Paste with Animations” for element copying
  • Bounce and instant animation timing functions
  • Insert “HTML Widget” for arbitrary code/script execution
  • Significantly smaller exported Javascript files (about 1/3 the size)
  • New app icon (animator’s lightbox)

More information and a free trial download can be found at their website.

Also available at the Mac App Store.

Hype - Tumult


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