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Eyeconit – Get Apps By Scanning Icons

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More than likely your friends and family have iPhones, and it’s probably common that you see them using a cool app or playing a fun game.  It happens with me all the time and usually I have to ask what the name of the app is and search the App Store to get it for myself.  Eyeconit aims to make that easier by taking a snapshot of the icon on your friends phone cutting out the need to search the store for it.

When it gets a good scan on an icon it seemed to be pretty accurate.  The problem I had was getting a clear shot of the icons I was trying to scan.  The camera on the iPhone 4 is fair at best, and often overexposes an image with no real way to correct it.  The idea is great, and with the right lighting it works just fine, but just be aware of the limitations due to the iPhone camera.

This is a cool way to share apps, and I’ll be keeping an eye on its progress.

Eyeconit (free)

eyeconit - Nevo Alva

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