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Flux 4 Released – Great Alternative to DreamWeaver

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One of our favorite Mac web authoring apps, and one of our earliest reviews was for Flux.  We reviewed version 2 a while ago, and definitely recommended it for anyone who wanted a flexible web creation app, and something that is a great alternative to DreamWeaver.

Flux 4 was released and builds upon all the things that were great with previous versions.

New in Flux 4:

  • FreeCode. Flux has always had great WYSIWYG support for valid XHTML, but in the real world valid XHTML is not all you’ll have to work with sometimes. Flux 4 now has FreeCode to allow WYSIWYG manipulation of invalid HTML. It has to be seen to be believed. Many of our beta testers simple refer to FreeCode as ‘magic’.
  • Brand new FTP. We all know networks go down, and FTP servers crash. Now Flux can overcome those glitches with rock-solid FTP support with reliable UNIX underpinnings.
  • Image Maps. Draw them how you want them. Flux 4 now lets you draw out complex image maps like you were using a vector drawing package. Once you have tried it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without out it.
  • Flux is a CSS believer, and now you can easily use CSS gradients without resorting to code or images.
  • AutoComplete. Flux allows just about everything to be done in it’s rich graphical interface, but sometimes we want to get down and dirty in the code. Flux 4 now has killer HTML auto-complete for the code hackers amongst us.
  • Flux 4 now has an embedded Inspector for first-class, full screen use on Mac OS X Lion

Flux 4 is available now and a free trial is available.


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