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Review: Handy Safe Desktop Pro

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I say this often when writing about security related software, but it’s something every PC user needs to be aware of.  Keeping your PC and it’s data safe is of extreme importance and regardless of which particular software or method you use, having some type of plan or action to keep your data safe is most important.  Today we are looking at Handy Safe Desktop Pro which is an application which lets you manage your personal information such as website logins, credit cards, account info, and much more.  With so many people using the web for shopping, banking, etc., keeping that information safe is obviously important.

Handy Safe Desktop is essentially a database app that lets you input all sorts of personal information.  There is a ton of templates included with everything from your Twitter account info to the information about your car.  You can also easily configure and save your own templates for just about anything you can imagine, making Handy Safe very configurable for future needs.

Organizing your information is done by dragging and dropping your info cards into directories.  Basic folders like business and personal are included and you can add your own to make navigation easier for you.  For example, I created a folder just for serial numbers for hardware so I have record for them if I ever needed them for something like warranty issues.  Of course the database is searchable so you can find that record if you can’t remember where you originally placed it.

There are also mobile versions of Handy Safe available for the iPhone, Windows Phone, Android, and others.  I will take a look at those in at another time, but syncing is simple so it’s easy to keep your data synced between your desktop and mobile devices.

Handy Safe Desktop is easy to setup and get going.  The interface has a layout that anyone should be able to open and get started right away.  It has the capability to save and manage nearly any type of information you can input, and while using it I really didn’t find any type of information that I couldn’t save.  If you need to manage your personal info, then I can definitely recommend using Handy Safe Desktop.  It doesn’t mix in a bunch of useless and non-related features for users to get confused with.  It is designed to keep your data safe and does just that without compromise.

Handy Safe Desktop is available for both PC and Mac for $9.99 and a trial is available.

Rating: ★★★★★


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