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SkyDrive Gets Updates, New Apps, and New Storage Plans

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This is a huge day for SkyDrive as several big improvements and features launched today.  We knew SkyDrive is going to have great integration with Windows 8, but today we can have some of that with Windows 7 and other platforms as well.

The SkyDrive blog on MSDN gives the details:

  • SkyDrive for the Windows desktop (preview available now). View and manage your personal SkyDrive directly from Windows Explorer on Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista with this new preview app available in 106 languages worldwide.
  • Fetching files through Easily access, browse, and stream files from a remote PC running the preview app to just about anywhere by simply fetching them via
  • SkyDrive storage updates. A new, more flexible approach to personal cloud storage that allows power users to get additional paid storage as their needs grow.
  • SkyDrive for other devices. We’ve updated the SkyDrive apps on Windows Phone and iOS devices, bringing better management features and sharing options to those devices. We’re also releasing a new preview client for Mac OS X Lion, letting you manage your SkyDrive right from the Finder.

If you were a previous user of SkyDrive, be sure to also claim your free 25GB of storage!  There should be a link near the top when you login via the web interface.  SkyDrive was always great, but lacked a solid integration with the OS, now that is solved and takes a big step forward.

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