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OmniPlan for iPad Launches

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The Omni Group has launched OmniPlan for the iPad this week.  OmniPlan gives users the ability to create and share projects in a beautiful interface with useful features such as desktop syncing, visual timeline, and more.

“The Omni Group, a developer of productivity applications for Mac and iOS, today announced the release of OmniPlan for iPad, completing its commitment to bring its five premium apps to the popular mobile computing platform. The iPad version of the company’s organization and planning tool, OmniPlan, offers many of the popular features included in the Mac edition like enhanced collaboration, change tracking and smart scheduling, with the added convenience of on-the-go access.

The workplace has changed dramatically in the past ten years and the workday is no longer limited to the time you are in the office. With the advent of mobile devices, many organizations and working professionals are adopting an anytime, anywhere approach to work. Today, people not only need the flexibility to work from their homes and remote locations, but they also require applications that enhance productivity and increase collaboration across product teams.”

OmniPlan is available now for $49.99 in the App Store.

OmniPlan - The Omni Group


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