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Amazon Updates Cloud Player with New iTunes Match Competitor

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Amazon has updated their Cloud Player with a new scan and match technology which lets Amazon users scan and store their music libraries in the Cloud.  This is very similar to what iTunes Match does, and is obviously aimed directly at it.

Amazon’s scan and match technology gives customers a fast and easy way to get all of their music from their computers to the cloud. Cloud Player customers can then enjoy their music on their favorite devices, including Kindle Fire, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android devices and any web browser, and soon, Roku streaming players and Sonos home entertainment systems.”

Amazon states that any matched music will be upgraded to high-quality audio, and will be available to stream and play that music anywhere with a device such as the Kindle Fire, iPhone, etc.

There will be two Cloud Player tiers now, a free and Premium tier.  The free tier will import up to 250 songs from your library, along with all your Amazon purchased files.  The Premium tier will allow you to upload up to 250,000 songs and is available for an annual price of $24.95.  Music you have purchased from Amazon will not count against your limits on either tier.    At the same price, iTunes Match has a 20,000 song limit which some have complained about.

For more info, including links to download apps, visit the link below.


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