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Trover – Mobile Discovery App Gets Updated

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Trover is a mobile discovery app which lets users from around the globe search and explorer places and topics.  This new update brings many new features for users to connect and socialize about their favorite interests.

“The new features include: Trover Lists, curated to showcase a seemingly limitless assortment of destinations and interests from around the globe; full-screen browsing, to bring those eye-catching images to life; and smarter search, to make it faster than ever to access the vast trove of original photographs available in the app.  Together, these features are driving heightened engagement for both practical and entertainment purposes. App visitors now view an average of 27 pages per session, a 35% increase over the past month, and a 300% increase compared to last summer when Trover was tightly positioned as a local directory service.”

Since I last used Trover it has received some very nice updates.  Location is big in Trover and can show you user submitted photos of places around your area that you can discover yourself.  Whether it’s a restaurant, park, etc., you can most likely find information and images about that location.

This is by no means limited to your local area, you can search and browse topics of interest pretty much anywhere in the world.  It can be very useful to find places to explore when planning a trip and see what people have said about it.

Trover is a free app, and can be downloaded from the App Store.

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