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Review: Browser Care

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Browser Care is a new app for OS X that gives you quick access to common tasks associated with maintaining your browser.  Tasks such as clearing your browsers cache, cookies, top sites, etc. are available in one interface with support for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Browser Care really isn’t doing anything that you can’t do manually, but what it does offer is convenience of having these settings right in one place.  This is especially true if you regularly use multiple browsers and need to clean them without having to open each.

Browsercare 01

Each browser has a couple of presets available, and you can also have custom settings so you can select as few or as many actions as you want.  You can also set a calendar reminder which will notify you at the time of your choosing to run Browser Care.

If you run multiple browsers and need to clean and maintain them often, then Browser Care would probably be a good addition to your app collection.  For just $2.99 it offers convenience for those who don’t want to open each browser and go through its preferences to perform the given tasks.

Browser Care - Giovanni Maria Cusaro

Rating: ★★★★☆

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