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Multiplicity 2.0 Released – Control Multiple PC’s with One Mouse and Keyboard

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For people who use more than one PC, Multiplicity 2.0 allows you to control those PCs with just one keyboard and mouse.  This not only eliminates clutter on your desktop, it just makes your computing that much more productive.

Multiplicity 2.0 brings several new features:

  • Send keyboard input to all computers simultaneously.
  • Quickly transfer data between your PCs efficiently with no file size limitations.
  • User data is always secure with AES-256 encryption and a customizable 200 character key.
  • Centralize multiple PC audio to one set of PC speakers.

Multiplicity is free to use for control of two PCs.  The upgrade to control up to nine PCs adds data transfer, data encryption and centralized audio capabilities for only $39.95.


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