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Start8 0.95 Beta Released

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Created for Windows 8, Start8 gives users the ability to bring back the Start menu missing in Windows 8, along with many other useful features to take the Win8 desktop experience up another notch.  Other useful features include the ability to boot right to the desktop skipping the Metro interface entirely.

New in the 0.95 beta:

  • Adds a completely new UI
  • Pinning support for jump lists
  • New default theme
  • New start button
  • Metro/Modern apps have their own “Modern UI Applications” folder
  • Search now searches Control Panel
  • Search now adds directory and UNC path browsing
  • Shift + right-click shows RunAs option
  • Ctrl + shift when launching an app will launch elevated
  • Tree mode in the All Programs menu closes the tree when you launch something
  • Fix for auto-hide taskbar
  • Fix for some elements that were not translating properly

Starting today, you can purchase the Start8 beta for $4.99 and get the full version upon release. The Start8 beta is available now, and can be found at:



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