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Scoopshot App Users Can Take Part in Metro Photo Challenge

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Users of the iOS and Android app Scoopshot can take part in the annual Metro Photo Challenge.  Scoopshot is a crowdsourcing photography app where people can submit images from around the world, and can even sell these images to others looking to use them.

Scoopshot users can enter the Metro Photo Challenge as a task from within Scoopshot.

“The Metro Photo Challenge 2012 launches in over 20 countries on 17 September 2012 and the final winners will be announced by 30 November 2012. Creative photographers in participating countries can submit their photos via the free Scoopshot app, available for iPhone and Android smartphones in the Apple App Store and Google Play marketplace. Scoopshot now challenges its global community to participate in the competition – it is time to get creative and win the prizes!”

The Scoopshot app can be downloaded from the links below.


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