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Review: TuneUp Utilities 2013

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Around this time a year ago we reviewed the 2012 version of TuneUp Utilities and awarded it a 5-star rating. The 2013 version was released recently and we have been spending the last few weeks giving it a go on our PC’s. The essentials of TuneUp Utilities are there, and the new version just builds upon that with several new features and big improvements to existing features.

One of the big strengths of TuneUp Utilities is the cleaning features of the app. Windows, along with a wide variety of apps you might be using on your PC leave all types of junk after use. Temp files, log files, error reports…..the list goes on and on. TuneUp has several “cleaners” including a registry clean, shortcut cleaner, and a new disk cleaner. The ‘Clean Up computer’ tab gives you an overview of the areas that have files that can be deleted and how much disk space they are taking up. Users can also clean the various files from web browsers and can even specify which browsers to clean.

You’d be surprised on how quickly this gets populated and I run it every few days to get rid of any unneeded junk in my drives. It also includes a drive scanner which will scan your hard drives and show you what files are taking up the most space. This is very useful for tracking down where some of your disk space is going.

Live Optimization 2.0 is probably the most impressive features, which has been greatly improved. The simplest way to explain this is Live Optimization improves the prioritization of the CPU processes allowing for applications to start and run much faster. Live Optimization also “learns” about apps you use all the time and will allocate them a bigger priority so they always remain at the top of the list. Of course if you have processes running that you never actually need or use, it can also help you identify those and deactivate them for more of a performance boost. You can choose from several optimization modes like economy, standard, and turbo. TuneUp Utilities also gives clear explanations of what the functions do and assists you through setting them up.

Program Deactivator, which is also now integrated with Live Optimization 2.0 is another valuable tool included. A typical PC user will have quite a few apps installed on their computer, but probably don’t use but a few of them regularly. The problem is many of these still run processes in the background slowing your PC. Program Deactivator shows you a list of these programs, the load they are putting on your system, and the option to disable them so those needed processes are freed up for other things.

TuneUp Utilities continues to be the best Windows utility application out there. I say this because it’s like having a bunch of applications rolled up into one, and they work very well at keeping your system clean and running efficiently. New users can get started quickly with the automated modes and clearly explained functions, while more advanced users can dig in further for even more finer control of tuning their systems.

If you are a previous user you can get the upgrade for $29.95, and I think the improvements along with Windows 8 compatibility are worth the upgrade price. New users can pick this up for $49.95 which can be used on up to 3 PC’s.

Rating: ★★★★★


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