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Review: Incipio Feather Case for Lumia 920

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I recently switched to the Window Phone platform and purchased one of the new Nokia Lumia 920’s. The hardware is amazing and has a beautiful screen so I started looking for a case to use with it. Being that the 920 is brand new there really isn’t much of a selection of cases for it. The first quality case I found was from Incipio, and having previously purchased from them before I had no problem ordering the feather case from them.


With the Lumia 920 being such a larger device, I definitely didn’t want anything that added any extra bulk or went against the profile design. The feather is an ultra-thin case that’s just 1mm thick and adds no real bulk to the phone. Even though its thin it feels solid and has a soft touch finish that is easy to hold, and so far, doesn’t seem to collect dirt or dust.

The case just quickly snaps on and there are cut outs on the sides for easy access to the various buttons such as the volume and lock button. The top and bottom are left open so you won’t have any problems with the headphone jack or USB port. Having this more open design is another reason the feather keeps such a low profile.


I didn’t have a lot of choices for a case with the Lumia 920, but Incipio comes through with the feather case and I couldn’t be much more happier with it. The only downside I can mention is there’s only a few colors to choose from, so I hope they add some other colors to at least match the colors the Lumia 920 comes in. If you need a thin but strong case for your Lumia 920, then I highly recommend the feather case from Incipio.

It’s available now for $24.99.

Rating: ★★★★★

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