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Tumult Hype 1.6 Brings Easy HTML5 Creation

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Tumult Hype has updated their HTML5 app for the Mac to version 1.6.  This is a major update that brings many new features, and allows users to create HTML5 based websites and other web content with ease.

New in 1.6:

  • CSS Filter Effects to blur, change brightness/contrast, and hue shift
  • Resource Library for managing images, videos, functions, and document assets
  • Capo tool: easily set animation start times when recording
  • New actions to pause, continue, and jump to specific times
  • Timeline Actions which can be triggered at any point on the timeline
  • Action chaining to make sophisticated flows
  • New JavaScript APIs (shown in our new documentation viewer)
  • The document’s HTML <head> contents can now be modified
  • Layout guides
  • Scene editing improvements for rotating and resizing elements
  • IE 10 and other current browser compatibility updates
  • Sandboxed
  • Retina artwork and icons for the app

Tumult Hype 1.6 is available in the Mac App Store, and they also have a 15% off launch sale.

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