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Start8 Gets v1.1 Update

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For those missing the start button in Windows 8, Stardock has filled that void with Start8.  Start8 not only brings back the Windows start menu, it also adds other features such as disabling hot spots, jump list support, boot directly to desktop, and much more.

The v1.1 update includes:

  • Added drag & drop including rearranging items in the all programs tree.
  • Added rename support in the tree
  • Added feature : Folders pinned to the startmenu allow you to view the first X items as a jumplist
  • Added opening Winkey+X menu option instead of start menu
  • Added feature : Custom places locations. Add a Dropbox location for example.
  • Additional language support

Start8 is available for $4.99 and a free trial is available.  This is a free update for current users.



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