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Nextgen Reader v1.4 Update for Windows 8

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We recently reviewed Nextgen Reader for Windows 8 and it’s our favorite client for Google Reader.  They have just released the 1.4 update with various fixes and improvements.

New in v1.4:

  • New: Collapsible leftmost pane in 3-column view.
  • Added share button to upper right corner in 3-column view.
  • Improved accessibility for common actions like sync, mark all read, etc. in modern view.
  • Fixed: Display correct image in grid. Report if you notice further issues.
  • Fixed: Re-size videos to fit width in reading-pane.
  • Minor bug fixes and other tweaks.
  • Coming in next update: Support for snapping, portrait orientation, dark theme, etc.

Read our review here, and then download from the Windows App Marketplace.

Nextgen Reader for Windows 8

3 column layout

3 column layout

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