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Review: Miles – Mileage Log for iPhone

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Many people use their personal vehicles for work purposes, and in most cases you need to keep track of your mileage for reimbursement and tax purposes.  I know lots of people who do this by hand, and with all the mobile technology we have available today, I just have to ask “why”?

There’s many ways you can keep track using  your iPhone, but there is an app designed especially for keeping track of your milage.  Miles – The Classic Mileage Log is an iOS app that keep records of your trips so you can easily keep track of mileage and other related data.


Miles has a beautiful interface, and users only need to enter a minimal amount of data to get the most out of Miles.  If you frequent the same places and take the same trips often, Miles has the ability to create presets for just those situations, and makes data entry that much quicker.

Detailed logs are available for your trips, and can be exported to PDF so you have copies that can be printed and viewed if needed.

Miles 01

Miles is available for your iOS device for $19.99.  That might seem a bit high, but if you frequently get mileage reimbursements and spend lots of time doing reports, this could pay for itself in no time.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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