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Review: Hurricane HD – Keep Track of Storms on Your iPad

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I live in Florida, and with Hurricane season just starting and already been hit with a Tropical Storm, there wasn’t a better time to take a look at a Hurricane tracking app I’ve been using.  Hurricane HD from Kitty Code is a Hurricane tracking app sthat you can use to monitor any approaching storm with your iPad.  I like using an app rather than going to the TV to check forecasts and current satellite images just for the simple fact it’s much faster and much easier.

Hurricane HD is quite a featured app with sections for the interactive tracking map, saellite imagery, data feeds, and news on all things related to the tropical season storms.  The tracking map is where I spend most of my time as this is where all the relevant information is when tracking a storm.  You get all the updated storm data such as storm coordinates, wind speed, direction, and other storm-related data.  The interactive map lets you see the storms locatin and its project forecast, along with the storms track which you can move via the map controls.  Hurricane HD can also display satellite and radar displays to give you a full range of information that you may need.  Another cool feature is the storm history where you can browse and pull up storm tracks from years past.

Hurricane HD

Other areas of the app pull in data feeds from weather sources, even news and video related to storms.  You can also view satellite images from the Atlantic, Pacific, and World views.  Lastly, you can also see more detailed information such as bulletins, storm outlooks, and sea surface temperature information for these locations.

Hurricane HD

Hurricane HD offers detailed and useful Tropical weather tracking info that any user with an iPad will appreciate.  If you live in areas that can be affected by tropical systems, then this is an iPad app that I definitely recommend.  Just a note, there is also an iPhone version called Hurricane Pro.

Hurricane HD is available for $3.99 in the App Store.


Rating: ★★★★★


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