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Review: Paprika Recipe Manager for Mac and iPad

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I like to cook and I like to explore and find different recipes to make for my family.  There are so many sites and blogs out there with delicious recipes you almost have to have an app to keep them all saved and organized.  I’ve used several and never really found one I liked enough to keep.  Most were trying to do too much when all I was looking for was a simple way to collect and organize recipes.  I discovered Paprika a few months ago and have been using both the iPad app and the Mac version.

Paprika is a recipe management app with versions for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Android.  I started off with the iPad and added the Mac version because I really wanted to see how well the syncing worked.  One thing I also wanted to mention and appreciate is that the UI on the iPad and Mac versions is nearly identical, and that makes for a smooth experience when using multiple versions.  I don’t usually do dual reviews, but Paprika operates nearly the same regardless of version, so unless noted everything I talk about applies to the two versions I used.


The main recipe window in Paprika has a clean layout and shows your list of recipes with images, titles, ratings, and more.  Clicking a recipe takes you to full page description where you can view the ingredient list, directions, nutritional info, and other relevant information.  It’s very organized and easy to read, and when cooking I prop the iPad up and I am able to reference the recipe very easily.  As I’ve mentioned before, organization is key and within Paprika you can organize your recipes by categories.  Default categories are setup to get you started and you can easily add your own to customize it to your liking.  You can also sort recipes by most recent, top rated, and recipes you have marked as a favorite.  Of course a search box is there and you can also display recipes in a list.

Having your recipes organized and ready to go is great, but obviously you need to get those recipes in Paprika first.  This is where other apps have failed and was one of the things I really put to the test when using Paprika.  The most basic by to add a recipe is to do it manually by adding everything by hand.  I’m not going to focus on this much because it works as it should, and the other methods are far superior to use.  Paprika has a built-in web browser where you can search for recipes just as you would in Safari or any other browser, or just enter the URL directly to the recipe you want.  Once you are on the recipe webpage you can simply click ‘Save Recipe’ and Paprika will download the recipe and import the ingredients, directions, image, and other info where you can then save it into your recipe library.  I’ve tried this so many times and it’s imported the recipe perfectly just about every time, even from websites that weren’t on the supported list.  I’ve only had a couple that wouldn’t import, but Paprika has some clipboard tools which allow you to highlight and import each part of the recipe so  you can still save it quickly without typing in the whole recipe.


Paprika also has a Groceries tab where you can create shopping lists based on the recipes in your library.  This makes it real easy to create a shopping list from your recipes in your library.  Once you have a list created you can print or e-mail the list to take with you to the grocery store.  Of course if you have Paprika on a mobile device your lists will also sync so you can take your grocery list with you right to the store.  Paprika also has a meal planner integrated.  You can schedule meals for the entire week and either enter your own meal or select from your saved recipes.  If you are one to plan the entire week out, this is a fantastic tool to use.


If you need a recipe management app, I give Paprika the highest recommendation.  I can’t recommend one platform over another because from what I have used, they all work great.  It’s really just your personal preference of what device you want to use for your recipes.  Paprika is easy to use, and is the best recipe management app I have come across.

Rating: ★★★★★

Paprika for Mac ($19.99)

Paprika for iPad ($4.99)

Paprika for iPhone ($4.99)

Paprika for Android ($4.99)

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