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Review: Intensify Pro

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Intensify Pro is one of the latest apps to come from the folks over at Macphun Software.  They have been developing some of the best imaging apps for the Mac and iOS for quite some time now, such as Focus 2, ColorStrokes, Snapheal and more,  so I’m always excited to try out a new app from them.  Intensify is designed for photographers of any level to take their images and apply the various tools to enhance the details and overall look of your photos.  Intensify Pro is run as a stand-alone app on a Mac, but the advantages of the Pro version is that it can also be as a plug-in to popular photography software like Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, and Apple Aperture.

As I’ve mentioned many times before in various reviews photography is one of my hobbies, and since it was around the holidays, it worked out great that I could take some holiday photos and be able to enhance them with Intensify Pro to see how this app really works.  Intensify Pro fully supports RAW files, so that is what I used as I took some photos using my Nikon 1.  Once I imported my images I was ready to start clicking through Intensify Pro and seeing what it can do.  I took a variety of images of most the same subjects, although I varied the exposures and lighting so I had several different looking images that I could use to see how well Intensify could adjust and enhance the images.

The interface is well designed and puts both information and controls right where it needs to be.  Little touches like having the EXIF data right above the image along with zoom controls are a big plus.  The right column in Intensify is where most of the enhancement controls are.  Here you have a choice of showing either the Preset adjustment or the Adjustment controls to use.  There are tons of presets categorized in areas such as Details, Architecture, Creative, Soft, Black and white, and more.  Clicking each preset will apply it to the image and you can further fine-tune the preset to your liking.  I spent a lot of time checking out all the presets and each of them are simply fantastic.  I think most users, even more advanced photographers, would be more than happy with the results the presets give.  There is such a wide variety available to cover nearly every creative look or detailed enhancement you might be looking for.


Of course you can do adjust everything manually as well.  You have adjustments for basic tuning, pro contrast, details, sharpness, and much more.  Use the sliders in each area to adjust your image to whatever creative look you are trying to achieve.  If you use manual adjustments, you can also save that as a preset so you can use it again without having to remember the specific settings.  There’s also a histogram so you can keep track of clipping and other data.  Intensify Pro also supports up to 5 layers so you can stack effects and use with the masking feature that is available.

Intensify Pro does an incredible job at taking your photographs and bringing out the details that really make them shine.  The number of ways you can enhance your photos is nearly endless with the amount of control you have over the adjustments, but most users will also be satisfied with the built-in presets which give outstanding results with little effort.

Intensify Pro has a new home in my collection of photography and imaging apps as one of the best.  Whether you take images professionally or just as a hobby, I highly recommend adding this tool to your collection.

Intensify Pro is available for just $59.99 through the Macphun store.  Intensify (non-pro version) can also be purchased through the Mac App Store, and that version can be upgraded from the Macphun store.

Intensify and Intensify Pro have the same basic functionality, but the Pro version has additional features like being used as a plug-in, PSD support, vignettes, and other additional features.

Rating: ★★★★★


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