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Macphun Introduces Focus 2 Pro

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Focus 2 Pro - Tilt Shift City

Focus 2 is one of our favorite photography apps for the Mac, and it just seemed to get a much better today with the announcement that Focus 2 Pro is availalbe.  Focus 2 Pro gives photographers the ability to add various focus-related effects like selective focus, creative blurring, and tilt-shift miniaturization to their images with fantastic results.

Along with all the same functionality as found in Focus 2, the Pro version also adds:

  • Works as a plug-in Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements and Apple Aperture
  • Add clarity to the area within the Focus ring
  • Adjust saturation separately for the “in focus” and “blur” areas of the image
  • Zoom, Twist, Radial, and Linear motion blur
  • More export options, including to Aperture, Photoshop, Lightroom, iPhoto, and all the Macphun products
  • More realistic Bokeh simulation with advanced fine-tuning controls

Focus Pro 2 is available now for just $39.99 from the Macphun store, and an upgrade from Focus 2 is also available for $19.99.

Keep checking back for our Focus 2 review that will be up soon!


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