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Review: Focus 2 Pro

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We reviewed the original Focus app a while ago, and really couldn’t get enough of it then and got a 5 star rating from us.  Since then it’s gone through changes, like being acquired by Macphun Software.  That has been a good thing though as they are great developers of other photo-related apps, and have since released Focus 2 and Focus 2 Pro.  In this review I’m using Focus 2 Pro, but please note all the basic functionality is included in Focus 2, with the exceptions of certain features which I’ll talk more about below.

If you’ve never heard of Focus before, it’s an application for the Mac which can apply a variety of focusing effects to your photographs.  Whether you want to add Depth of Field to your photos, or try effects like Tilt-shift, it can be done in Focus 2.  It’s very intuitive to use, and can easily be picked up by new users and photo experts alike.  Once you open an image you can choose from several presets for Portraits, Nature, Architecture, Macro, Tilt-shift, or start from scratch by using the custom setting.

Regardless of which setting you start out with, everything can be adjust to tailor down the effects to exactly what you want.  You can move the control point or masking for focusing around on your image, and then fine tune the effects further using the variety of sliders to adjust the amount of blur, motion, focusing, and much more.  I’ve been using to apply DoF for some of my photos, and I have been completely impressed at the quality of the effects.  People spend a lot of time and money on lenses to get a certain blurring effect in their photos, but photographers can achieve the same or better results using something like Focus 2.  This way, I keep more control of my photo and can process the image with the results I am wanting.


Once you have a finished photo with your desired effects, Focus gives you quite a few options to share or save your images.  You can share you images in the most common formats, and Focus 2 can easily export to other Macphun apps like Intensify and Snapheal to further process your images.  If you are a more social type, you’ll also be glad to know Focus 2 can share to several popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and more.

As I mentioned above, Focus 2 also has a Pro version which is what we’ve been reviewing here.  While the standard versions offers the same great effects, the Pro version builds onto that with more advanced tuning controls, export options, plugin support, and more.

As a photographer I have several key apps that I rely upon when doing processing after getting the shots.  Focus 2 has earned a spot as one of my favorites, and I can’t recommend it enough.  It doesn’t matter if you are a casual or experienced photographer, this is a tool that anyone can use to get focus-related effects on your images with the highest quality.  Focus 2 and Focus 2 Pro are a worthwhile addition to any photographers digital bag.

Focus 2 is available in the App Store for $14.99, and Focus 2 Pro can be purchased from the Macphun Store for just $39.99.

Rating: ★★★★★


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