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Multiplicity 3 Available with Virtual KVM Capabilities

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mp3_monitorMultiplicity 3 has been released on the new Edgerunner store, and offers users a way to control multiple PCs with just one keyboard/mouse, and the new virtual KVM capabilities expand that even further.

“Multiplicity v3’s new KVM capabilities allow users to view up to nine PCs’ displays as active thumbnails on a single monitor, switch between them using a mouse click or hotkeys, and control them all with a single keyboard and mouse. Users can lock or unlock all the connected PCs with a single command, and drag-and-drop files or copy/paste text and images across connected PCs as if they were a single machine. Multiplicity v3 also adds support for touch displays, integrating Windows 8 systems seamlessly with older Windows releases.”

Features of Multiplicity 3:

  • Control multiple PCs with one keyboard and mouse
  • Use one monitor (KVM) or connect monitors to each PC (KM)
  • Drag and drop files and folders of any size between PCs
  • Copy and paste text and images between PCs
  • Lock / unlock all PCs at once from one keyboard
  • Listen to audio from multiple PCs through one PC

Multiplicity 3 is available now starting at $19.99.

Link: Multiplicity 3



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