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Review: Tonality Pro

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Tonality is the newest app in the Macphun photo app lineup, and I’ve reviewed most of their apps like Intensify and Focus 2 before.  Their other apps take care of a wide range of photo editing capabilities, and Tonality adds to that by bringing a black and white editing ability for your images.  Tonality brings a powerful black and white editor with RAW support, over 150 presets, and a variety of tools which allow you advanced monochrome editing.

If you’ve used Macphun apps before, you’ll notice a similar interface.  They do a really good job in this area and don’t overcomplicate the user interface with things you don’t need.  You have your standard toolbar functions at the top, the tools and sliders along the side, and at the bottom you have the selected presets shown.  It’s very easy to find your way around, and it shouldn’t take you long to get familiar with the tools to work on your images.

As mentioned before, they have included over 150 presets divided into categories such as Basic, Portrait, HDR, Outdoors, and several others.  These presets are professional quality and I think for many users they can cover nearly any look you are trying to achieve with your images.  The only downside I could find is there being so many, I always had a difficult time deciding which to use as so many created beautiful black and white images that could be used.  I could really end the review here and be completely satisfied, but while the presets are awesome, there’s still much more you can do in Tonality.


There’s a variety of controls that you can use to further adjust your image and gives you complete control over how you want the effect done on your image.  You can adjust the Clarity, Structure, Colors, Grain, Vignette, and much more.  Tonality also allows you to add texture overlays to the image, and it also supports layers and masking with blending functions.  If there’s a preset that doesn’t fit what you are looking for, you have all the tools you need to create what you want.  Once you do find that perfect effect, you can save that as your own preset to use again.

Once you’re finished editing, you can export your images to standard image formats, and they can also be easily exported to other Macphun apps you have, or other image applications like iPhoto or Lightroom.  Several sharing features are also available.  With just a click or two you can share with social networks like Facebook and Twitter, upload to your Smugmug account, or order prints using the Macphun Print Lab.

Macphun did a great job with Tonality.  If you need an app to take your photographs and apply a variety of black and white effects easily with professional results, I can’t recommend Tonality enough.  For this review I was using Tonality Pro which adds several additional features like plug-in support, advanced layers, and more over the standard version.

Tonality Pro is available for $69.99 at the Macphun Store and the standard version of Tonality is just $39.99 and is available on the Mac App Store.

Rating: ★★★★★


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