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Review: Reformator – Batch Photo Editor for Mac

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is a batch image convertor from the Overmacs Team.  I previously reviewed another app developed by them called PhotoSweeper, which I was highly impressed with.  In the past couple of months  I’ve needed a batch image convertor for several photo projects I have been working on, and I’ve been trying several out.  The opportunity to review Reformator came at the perfect time.  I needed something good and something fast to convert a bunch of images with different variations, so is Reformator up to the task?

I’m not really sure “batch image convertor” is the best for this, as Reformator is actually a multi-purpose imaging tool that you can apply to many images at once.  As I mentioned before, I’ve been trying several of these out and Reformator has the biggest feature set I’ve seen yet.  Once you open Reformator you can simply drag a folder of photographs into the window, and you’ll see a nice looking photo browser which lets you sort images, search, view photo info including a histogram, and more.  This is a feature you really won’t find in a comparable app.

When I usually need to change a bunch of images at once, it’s usually needing to resize them or change their filenames to something more manageable.  Reformator does this with ease, but goes a step further by offering lots of additional customization features.  For instance, not only can you do basic resizing but you can also scale, crop, adjust resolution, and much more.


Reformator also lets you set or update the metadata in your pictures.  Add or update the correct data like copyright information, ownership, dates, keywords, and a variety of other parameters that can be applied to all the images during the conversion process.  Adding watermarks is another cool feature included.  Whether you want to add custom text or your own image, it can be inserted into the images and can be adjusted to your liking.

The Filters action is one of my favorites, and this is where you can adjust the colors and exposure of your photographs.  Adjust the contrast, exposure, add sharpness, or use one of the several other options available.  The best part is you can apply multiple actions to your batch, so if you need to rename some images, resize them, and then apply some color adjustments, Reformator can do it.  Just tell Reformator where you want the images exported to, and in no time all the adjustments are applied and you have your new set of images.

I asked earlier if Reformator was up to the task of handling my need of batch converting many images that needed adjusting, and I can say yes it absolutely did.  It actually went above what I was expecting after I explored the app because I at first wasn’t aware of all the features it was capable of.  If you need to make adjustments to multiple images at a time, I recommend Reformator as one of the best solutions out there at an affordable price.

Reformator is available for $9.99 on the Mac App Store.


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