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Review: Perfectly Clear 2.0

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Perfectly Clear 2.0 is a set of plugins for Lightroom and Photoshop that were released a couple of months ago. This is an image correction and enhancement app that offers 20 automatic corrections to help fix and enhance your pictures, but the Beautify feature is something I really wanted to take a look at.

I don’t usually do portrait photography, but every once and a while I’m asked to do a shoot and I take the opportunity to help out a friend or family member. I recently took some photos of my daughters and their friends of Homecoming, and some wanted some images they could use in their yearbook. This was the perfect opportunity to try out Perfectly Clear.

After the shoot I imported all the images to Lightroom and started processing them in Perfectly Clear. In general the images came out good. Some were a bit under-exposed, but mostly what I wanted was to quickly and easily fix the basic exposure issues and correct things on the subjects themselves. This is where Beautify came in and I was immediately impressed when I hit the preset. It corrected skin blemishes, fixed exposure, and smoothed out their skin for a more soft look. This was all done by the preset alone, I didn’t even touch the manual adjustments yet.


Presets are always great to use, but they don’t always fix or adjust everything, so that’s where the adjust functions come in. Various sliders can be used adjust the amount of corrections applied. On one of my images I needed the teeth to be a bit whiter, so I moved the slider and applied just the right amount I was looking for. The same applies for various other enhancements available.

Perfectly Clear applied the enhancements in just a few seconds, and although I made minor adjustments for a few images, the default presets did a fantastic job at giving me the look I was going for. The interface gives you the ability to see the image in a split view so you can see the difference the enhancements make. An opacity slider lets you blend your before and after images for more control, and you can also import/export presets.


I’ve focused most of this review on the Beautify feature because that’s what I really think makes Perfectly Clear shine. It did an outstanding job at enhancing photos of people and giving them a more smooth and soft look, which is what I was trying to achieve. Perfectly Clear also has presets for landscapes, detail, vivid, and more. Just as with the Beautify preset, they all did a superb job at applying its intended effect.

Perfectly Clear 2.0 does an excellent job at image retouching and enhancement for a variety of different image types. It excels with its Beautify feature and photographers at all levels can benefit by using these plugins in their image processing workflow.

The Perfectly Clear 2.0 plugins are available for $149 for either a Lightroom or Photoshop version, and a bundle is available for $199. A free trial is also available on their site.

Link: Perfectly Clear 2.0

Rating: ★★★★★


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