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Windows Home Server 2011 Available on MSDN/Tech Subscribers

Posted by on Apr 5, 2011 in Microsoft, Releases, WHS | 0 comments

Windows Home Server 2011 had been RTM’d a few weeks ago, and today that download is available for subscribers of MSDN and TechNet.  This is the long awaited follow-up to v1 of WHS, but this release is met with a lot of criticism of the decision to remove the popular Drive Extender feature from it.  To what is new Microsoft has posted a document with an overview of WHS 2011. You can download that...

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Windows Home Server 2011 (aka Vail) RC Released

Posted by on Feb 3, 2011 in Microsoft, Releases, WHS | 0 comments

On Tuesday we reported that the Windows Server team posted a tweet saying that a new RC build of Vail would be available via Microsoft Connect.  Just a little while after that the tweet was removed but regardless the info was still out there.  Vail is also now known as Windows Home Server 2011. The updated release of WHS 2011 is now live on Microsoft Connect and ready for download. This is the first update since it was revealed that the popular Drive Extender feature would not be included in Vail.  Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said he would look into the matter, but there has since been no indication if a new version of Drive Extender or similar technology would be included in future builds. More info about Vail from Microsoft: Windows Home Server code name “Vail” is...

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New Windows Vail Build Coming [Updated]

Posted by on Feb 1, 2011 in Microsoft, WHS | 0 comments

The Windows Home Server team has been pretty quiet since the news that Drive Extender was removed from Vail, but today we get word that a new RC of Windows Home Server Vail will be available sometime today on Connect. We will update when the release is live. Update 1: The Windows Server team has removed their tweet about the release.  This is an image of the original. Update 2: No word on why it was removed, but we can only assume it won’t be available today for some reason.  I would expect the release to be posted in the next day or...

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WHS Vail Refresh

Posted by on Aug 18, 2010 in WHS | 0 comments

WHS Vail is the next version of Windows Home Server.  A public preview was released several months ago, and this week Microsoft released a refresh to the beta.  One of the most notable features of this update is the ability to backup OS X computers which could broaden the appeal of WHS to multi-platform users.  Other update include the usual bug fixes and improvements we see in these betas. You can download WHS Vail from the Microsoft Connect site....

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WHS Outlook – Plugin for Windows Home Server

Posted by on Jun 1, 2010 in WHS | 0 comments

This looks like a very promising WHS add-in that I saw over the weekend.  WHS Outlook gives you the ability to integrate Outlook into WHS and can allow up to 10 different client PC’s to be shared via the WHS Console. Being able to have access to Outlook via Windows Home Server can be a huge plus for people who...

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WHS Add-In Central Beta Update

Posted by on May 2, 2010 in Updates, WHS | 0 comments

We told you a bit about the Add-In Central plugin for Windows Home Server several weeks ago, and a new beta update has been released.  This release fixes a few issues including the beta expiration that was affecting some users. Add-In Central...

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