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We enjoy taking a look at apps from all platforms and giving honest, real-world reviews of what we have seen.  We don’t normally formally focus on super high-tech specifications.  We do real-world reviews with common hardware and platforms that the everyday user can relate to.  Of course reviews can vary from app to app, but generally we look at the features and functionality of an app, how easy is it to use, how does it compare to similar apps, etc.

We pride ourselves on our reviews, and we take the time to use the apps we review, not just write a review for the sake of a timely blog post.  If your application took months (or years) to develop, we believe it is fair to take a thorough look at it.  We do reviews of apps that are currently released, and we can also take a look at your app before its release if necessary.

Although we are primarily an application focused site, we often include hardware news along side the app news, as without hardware, apps don’t have much of a place to be used.  If you have hardware or accessories you would like us to review, we would be happy to consider it.

You can contact us directly via our Contact page.