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Review: Signsquid – Legally Sign PDF Files Online

Posted by on May 29, 2012 in Reviews, Web | 0 comments

Whether you are a small business owner with just a home office, or part of a larger corporate environment the signing of documents is something that we all have to deal with.  With fax machines disappearing fast and more people working together across the globe solutions for getting documents legally signed are becoming even more useful.  I was introduced to a service called Signsquid that specializes in secure and legal electronic signatures. The process is very simple and even the not-so-savvy web user can use it without problems.  Once your account is setup you simply upload your PDF documents that need to be signed.  Next you invite the signatories by inputting their name and e-mails, and you then receive a unique code for each user that you can communicate to them.  They receive an e-mail on your behalf and...

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Understanding the Basics of Electronic Signatures

Posted by on Mar 18, 2012 in How-to, News, Recent | 0 comments

As our continued transition into the digital world continues one of the things that many overlook is the increasing use of electronic signature software.  Whether it’s a large corporation or a small business, some of the many advantages of using electronic signature systems include saving valuable processing time, increased security and auditing benefits, reduced signature errors, and more – all of which help companies save time and money. First you should know that there is a difference between an electronic signature and a digital signature.  It’s common to think they are the same, but they are actually very different.  A digital signature is the basis of security when it comes to things like e-commerce and VPN networks, using public/private key cryptography.  An electronic signature is very similar to its paper relative as the signer is legally bound to the terms...

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